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Tennessee Clinical Placement System (TCPS)

The TN Clinical Placement Partnership (TCPP) started TCPS as a way to solve the issues related to healthcare education.  You can read more about how it has evolved using the TCPS History link from the menu. Today this group of schools and facilities have expanded beyond the state lines of Tennessee.  Today the acronym TCPS is used as a more inclusive reference to the partnership!

Using common goals as driving forces, and identified outcomes as a foundation, the success of TCPS is evident today as our partnership continues to grow!

Driving Forces …

      • The partners themselves, represent the various regions of our state and surrounding states!
      • Collaboration to tear down the silos of academia and practice.
      • Building a supply of nursing and healthcare professionals to meet the shortage that impacts all Tennesseans and surrounding states.
Expected Outcomes of Partnership …

      • Increased capacity for schools of nursing and other healthcare programs and more bedside patient care time for students.
      • Time and associated cost savings for clinical facilities and schools of nursing through the streamlining of documentation, placement requests, and orientation.
      • Positive marketing opportunities for clinical facilities seeking to improve the orientation and matriculation of students to the bedside and add to their employment pipeline.
      • Quality student placements – the right student, in the right place at the right time in their program to assure an optimal educational experience
      • Growing return on investment (ROI) through quantitative and qualitative measures once initial data is identified and orientation materials are developed.
      • Ready-access to partner collaboration for problem-solving and brainstorming based on regional, state, and national input and discussion.

Who are the Partners?

The TCPS partnership currently includes seven regional collaboratives across the state that also includes North Georgia, North Alabama, North Mississippi, Eastern Arkansas, Southern & Middle Kentucky, and Western North Carolina.

These collaboratives are founded upon a union of common purposes where all parties benefit from the synergies of cooperation and the fruits of success. It is a “working relationship” characterized by mutual participation, joint interest, and mutual respect.  Partnership with TCPS does NOT replace affiliation agreements between facilities and schools.  Region assignment is generally based upon the physical location of the organization.  Partners may interact in a variety of regions based upon a program of study, geographical location, and location of their student population.

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Are there different levels of partnership?


Full Partnership is open to facilities and schools and includes access to OrientPro and PlacementPro.  Partnership Fees are charged annually based on the academic year calendar and provide access to our clinical onboarding tools and related support materials.


Full Partnership Fees

Partnership fees are calculated using a sliding scale based on resource usage.

      • Fees for acute care facilities are based upon average daily census and staffed beds.
      • Fees for healthcare schools are based upon student headcounts
      • Other healthcare settings have variable fee structures related to student capacity and the structure of the learning opportunities.


Associate Partnership is open to schools and includes access to OrientPro.  Typically these schools do not have a need for placement and clinical requirement management using PlacementPro.   Partnership Fees are charged annually based on the academic year calendar and provide access to our clinical onboarding tools and related support materials.


Associate Partnership Fees

Partnership fees are calculated using a sliding scale based on resource usage via school user headcounts.


The Managed Partner Program is open to schools that occasionally send students to one of our TCPS Facilities that require all student onboarding through PlacementPro.  Typically these schools are sending students for practicum or internship clinical learning opportunities.  The TCPS Onboarding Team works directly with the school to identify the needed orientation and clinical requirements from the facility’s clinical affiliation agreement for the student and is responsible for uploading this information into PlacementPro.  Managed Partners do not have access to the onboarding tools, but have access to our Onboarding Managers.


Managed Partnership Fees

Partnership Fees for the Managed Partner Program include an annual partnership fee and a per-student fee that students typically pay as they access the online orientation.

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