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TCPS Managed Partner Program

TCPS offers clinical onboarding tools for schools and facilities to streamline the process of placing a student within a healthcare organization. Our tools provide an online orientation for the student as well as a repository for verifying their clinical requirements (as noted in many of our facility partner’s affiliation agreements. Through TCPS, the facility can vet your students and approve them to fill a clinical placement in a single information system. Managed Partners work with our Onboarding Team for onboarding instructions and to exchange data in a secure format. Our TCPS Information systems are housed in a HIPAA-compliant server.
Our Managed Partner Program is for schools that occasionally send students to our TCPS Facilities and need to onboard students for clinical learning opportunities. While a partnership with TCPS may be required by a facility, it is NOT a substitute for clinical affiliation agreements between your school and specific healthcare facilities. So we recommend that you pursue both the clinical affiliation agreement with the facility and join the Managed Partner Program when it is evident that the clinical affiliation agreement is in place and the facility is willing to take the student.

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Becoming a Partner

To become a Managed Partner, you need to sign a Managed Partner Agreement. This agreement is available for download below. Sign the agreement and return it to the TCPS Program Director. The agreement requires that the school name and related programs of study be entered on the first page, and signature(s) on the second page. The Managed Partner Policies for the current academic year are referenced in the agreement and also available for review. These policies are reviewed annually and are in effect for each academic year.

Managed Partner Agreements

Once the signed agreement is received by TCPS, you are considered a Managed Partner and we can begin onboarding your students.

Our partnership agreements extend for 5 academic years and may be placed on inactive status for years when there are no students going to TCPS facilities. After 5 years, a new agreement is required. You will be contacted each year in August to see if you would like to renew for the coming academic year. There are three choices to make related to continued partnership:

      1. Go on inactive status
      2. Renew in August
      3. Renew later when you have another student to place

How much does Partnership cost?

Partnership Fees are paid on an annual academic calendar basis. Once we receive your signed partnership agreement, we will generate an invoice and send it to the school contacts. Invoices will include the one-time Setup Fee and annual Partnership Fee. We do not invoice for student fees as they pay this fee when they access the online orientation via a credit card. Students can pay all fees if the school does not pay onboarding fees.  The mechanism for this payment will be discussed during the initial setup process.  Students will not be approved to start clinical rotations until all related fees are paid.

    • Setup Fee = $50 This one-time fee covers the cost of setting up your school/program of study in our information systems.
    • Annual School/Program of Study Partnership Fee for AY2023-2024 =  $100
    • + $50/per student for the first placement; $25 for first subsequent placement during the academic year – this fee covers the student’s access to the online orientation and the creation of their digital file that will be shared with the facility for vetting.  The per-student fee for the first subsequent placement in the academic year is $25.  For additional placements during the academic year, IF there are any missing/out-of-date clinical requirements AND/OR an additional facility orientation is needed another $25 fee will be charged to the student.
    • A Rush Fee of $25 is applied to any student registration for onboarding after the first registration with a clinical start date of <2 weeks from the date of registration. This fee may be paid online by the school/student prior to the student receiving final approval.
    • Conversion Fee = $50  There is a one-time fee for Full/Associate TCPS Partners to convert to Managed Partner Status and vice versa.
    • Late Fees: A Late Fee of $50 will be added to the unpaid invoice after 45 days from the invoice date.  Failure to pay on time may result in students not starting their clinical placement on time or the facility pausing/canceling the placement.

See the TCPS Policies for additional details.

Onboarding Timelines
Typically, when you receive the signed clinical affiliation agreement from the facility, you should know what requirements the student must meet. Be proactive and check these requirements now rather than waiting until the student is registered with TCPS!  It may take several days for a student to obtain needed immunizations or other requirements such as Basic Life Support training, etc. Please remember that no requirements can expire during the placement time frame.
Once the TCPS Managed Partnership Agreement is in place, we like to have about 3 -4 weeks (4 weeks during holiday/vacation periods) to process a student.  Your Onboarding Manager will provide an expected timeline to meet the proposed start date for the student.
      1. Three to four (3-4) weeks before the proposed placement start date register the student using the online registration form in the CPC Resources section of the TCPS Managed Partner Portal. Shorter, emergent timelines MAY be feasible but cannot be promised and should NOT be a routine occurrence!
      2. Two (2) weeks before the proposed start date, the CPC must have submitted all required clinical requirements data and any required forms; and the student should have completed all assigned orientations.
      3. At a minimum, all student information should be submitted to TCPS at least 7 working days before the start date. Shorter timelines MAY be feasible but cannot be promised.
      4. Potential Facility Delays: At peak times such as the beginning of a term, facility approvals may take 3-4 days once the information is submitted to the facility based on student volumes.
      5. All student placement data is processed in the order it is received. Late submissions are not moved in front of other data that were submitted on time.
      6. Holiday Seasons: During typical holiday seasons and the summer, be aware that the timelines may be extended due to the vacations/time off by our Facility Contacts. The TCPS Team coordinates time away to cover vacations throughout the year which should not impact timelines. TCPS will be closed from December 18, 2023, through January 2, 2024. Should you have placements that begin before January 15, students must be registered by December 1, and all data must be submitted by December 11, 2023.
      7. Additional timeline information will be communicated as needs/changes arise. Timeline and calendar information are available on the website.
See the TCPS Policies for additional details.

The Onboarding Process

The following steps outline the broad process for onboarding your student. To flow smoothly, it requires that the Placement Coordinator and Student meet the timelines that will be outlined by the TCPS Onboarding Manager.

      1. Once the partnership agreement is fully signed, the CPC (or designee) processes the Partnership Fee invoice using school-based protocols.
      2. The school Clinical Placement Coordinator (CPC) registers the student for onboarding.
      3. The CPC receives onboarding instructions from the TCPS Onboarding Team within one business day with a timeline for step completion to meet the proposed student start date.
      4. The student (or school) pays the fee and completes the online orientation by the due date.
      5. The CPC submits clinical requirement data and any required documents as requested by the due date.
      6. TCPS creates the student’s digital file and submits it to the facility for review and approval.
      7. TCPS Onboarding Team notifies the school of the facility’s decision.

Download a PDF version of the Managed Partner Overview in case you need this content available for a conversation within your school!

Covenant Health – all locations for all students

    • Claiborne Medical Center
    • CenterPoint
    • Cumberland Medical Center
    • Fort Loudoun Medical Center
    • Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center
    • LeConte Medical Center
    • Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge
    • Morristown-Hamblen Healthcare
    • Parkwest Medical Center
    • Patricia Neal Rehabilitation
    • Peninsula Behavioral Health
    • Roane Medical Center
    • Thompson Cancer Survival Centers
    • Any Covenant Physician Practice
    • Any Covenant Nursing/Skilled Care Facility

Hamilton Medical Center – all students at the main hospital, all locations beginning in January 2024

HighPoint Health – all locations for all students

    • Sumner Regional Medical Center
    • Trousdale Medical Center
    • Riverview Regional Medical Center

Maury Regional Medical Center – all locations for all students

    • Maury Regional Spring Hill
    • Spring Hill Health Center
    • Marshall Medical Center – Lewisburg
    • Wayne Medical Center – Waynesboro
    • Lewis Health Center – Hohenwald

Methodist LeBonheur Health System – all locations for all students

Regional One – for all students

St Jude Childrens Hospital – for all nursing students

Tennova East all locations for all students

    • Turkey Creek Medical Center
    • Jefferson Memorial Hospital
    • LaFollete Medical Center
    • Newport Medical Center
    • North Knoxville Medical Center

Parkridge Health – all locations for all students

    • Parkridge Medical Center
    • Parkridge East
    • Parkridge Valley
    • Parkridge West

UT Medical Center – all nursing

Vanderbilt Health – all locations for nursing; all students for Bedford, Tullahoma-Harton, and Wilson

    • Vanderbilt Bedford County
    • Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital
    • Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital
    • Vanderbilt Tullahoma-Harton Hospital
    • Vanderbilt University Medical Center
    • Vanderbilt Wilson County

Williamson Medical Center – all students

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Managed Partnership Agreement

Download a Partnership Agreement. Be sure and also review the Managed Partner Policies for AY2023-2024!

Managed Partnership Policies AY2023-2024

Download and please read these polices in conjunction to signing the Partnership Agreement!

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