Why Use TCPS for your Organization?


Reduce redundant face-to-face orientations with each student group, yet know that all students within the organization has been oriented on critical content!


A single data repository for all student placements in all patient care and support areas including all levels of students!


A standardized method for reviewing, approving, and storing all clinical requirement & compliance data for each student & instructor that comes to your facility!


Meet the challenges of onboarding critical travelers and employees regardless of when the next scheduled organizational orientation is available!

TCPS has the experience and the tools to help!

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Students & Faculty Oriented


Facility Partners


School Partners


Employees/Travelers Onboarded


In discussions with educators and clinical facilities across the nation, TCPS has identified four categories of clinical placement challenges and barriers. Click on each category on the left to validate your list against ours!

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      • Knowledge about available clinical learning opportunities
      • Too many or too few students at clinical facilities
      • Time required to secure placements – both in the school and the clinical facility
      • Double placement of student groups
      • Lack of placement data in a format that can be used for reporting
      • Ineffective ability to rapidly review and approve student and instructor clinical requirements
      • Inconsistent verification of requirements across different departments
      • Maintenance of clinical requirement records for regulatory and legal purposes (up to 18 years)
      • Multiple formats of clinical requirements – paper & electronic – all requiring secure storage


      • Redundant clinical orientation requirements and content.
      • Using a clinical day for facility-specific orientation
      • Time required for facility or school educator to orient students to assigned facilities

      • The day after routine employee orientation, a new employee is hired that is needed immediately!
      • Critical staffing shortages require the use of a traveling healthcare professional and you need to get them to their assignment ASAP!
      • Your Human Resources team is overwhelmed and needs assistance in presenting orientation information to routine new hires!

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Check out the TCPS Solutions!

Achieving a solid onboarding program for students and employees requires work and can consume countless hours in preparation and monitoring of the process to achieve best practices.  TCPS provides the ability to use technology to enhance your onboarding process through a variety of solutions that are scalable and can be used as a package or individually. Local partners are encouraged to collaborate with TCPS to maximize benefits and further streamline clinical onboarding.

Student Clinical Placements &
Compliance Monitoring Solution:  

Clinical Placement Tool for Scheduling

Student and Instructor
Orientation Solution:

Clinical Placement Tool for Orientation

Emergency Orientation for Employees
and/or Travelers Solution:

Additional Tools for our Partners

Additional Service: EvalPro

Using our OrientPro & PlacementPro platforms, EvalPro provides schools and facilities with an opportunity to create a 360° evaluation process that collects information related to students’, faculty, and facility staffs’ perspectives.

Clinical Placement Tool for Evaluation

Additional Service: PreceptorPro

Currently in development for our partners, PreceptorPro provides a standardized training program aimed at helping preceptors or clinical faculty to develop coaching and performance evaluation skills to teach others effectively.

Clinical Placement Tool for Preceptors

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TCPS and Regional Partnerships

Whether you represent a school or a clinical facility, the benefits of working in collaboration to solve the issues we face in healthcare education are powerful. Whenever possible, the TCPS solutions are used within a collaborative to provide compounded benefits to all users.  We have several collaboratives already in place, but are always open to create new partnerships!

TCPS Partners (based in TN and the contiguous states)

TCPS Managed Partners

Nebraska Clinical Passport

Nursing Education in Mississippi

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