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This orientation provides you with the general orientation required by healthcare regulators for all healthcare professionals each year and facility-specific orientation that you will choose based on where you have been assigned for clinical learning opportunities.

Accessing Orientation

Select the portal on the right of the screen to continue to your assigned orientation. To access the orientation in your portal, you will need the password that was provided to you by your school after July 24, 2023 to access this content!  Your school should have provided you with a user guide that will guide your orientation process.  Please reach out to them if you did not receive this user guide!

Welcome to Student & Instructor Orientation!


Select your regional portal using the buttons below.

Students & Instructors from Tennessee and surrounding states that have clinical placement assignments in one or more of our TCPS healthcare organizations!

Students & Instructors from NEBRASKA who need to complete their Nebraska Clinical Passport in preparation for clinical learning opportunities.

Students from any school that needs to pay for their access to TCPS or their school has provided them with access to this portal.