TCPS Managed Partner Portal

Serving schools sending students to our TCPS facilities in Tennessee, Georgia, and Kentucky!

For Students!

This section of the TCPS Managed Portal is for students who have a clinical placement in one of our TCPS facilities.  Your Clinical Placement Coordinator (CPC) should have provided you with instructions on how to get started.  If they did not, ask your CPC for these important directions!

Orientation Access Links

There are 4 different Access/Payment options based on your use of the TCPS OrientPro system
Follow your school’s instructions to select the correct option!

Use Option #1 if this is your first clinical placement that uses TCPS for onboarding this academic year (the placement begins after August 1, 2023)!

Use Option #2 if you completed TCPS Orientation for a previous clinical placement this academic year (AY2023-2024) (after August 1, 2023) and now have another clinical placement with a TCPS Facility.

Use Option #3 if your school paid for your orientation/placement and your clinical placement coordinator/instructor provided you with the password to the online orientation!

Use Option #4 if you are paying ALL fees related to your orientation and placement for this academic year (after August 1, 2023)

If you took a break from orientation and need to return to complete the General or your assigned Facility Orientation use this link!  You will need the password you received when you began the orientation process!

For Clinical Placement Coordinators!

This section of the TCPS Managed Partner Portal is for Clinical Placement Coordinators (CPCs) who are responsible for working with our Onboarding Team to place students at a TCPS facility.

You will need your CPC Password for this academic year that was provided when your school joined the Managed Partner program or provided upon renewal of your partnership for AY2023-2024.

Fee Payment options are below!

TCPS Managed Partner Program is OPEN for AY2023-2024 and accepting student registrations.  You will receive renewal information the week of 8/1/2023!  Remember to register students 3-4 weeks PRIOR to their start date!

School Payment Links

If the school is paying for student placements, use these buttons to submit payment!

Note that there is an option to pay for the FIRST placement and any SUBSEQUENT placement(s) after August 1, 2023.   Be sure and use the appropriate button!

Partnership Fee Payment

Partnership fees are due 30 days from receipt of the invoice.  Payment may be done via check, ACH, or credit card.  Use the Credit Card link below if that is your desired method of payment.  Note there is a 3.5% convenience fee added by the credit card processing vendor.


TCPS Managed Partner Portal