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clinical placement toolOnline Interactive Database for Clinical Placements

Managing clinical placements for students has long been an arduous task that often results in multiple phone calls and emails. PlacementPro provides schools and facilities with an online database of placement opportunities.  Within the PlacementPro system, a placement is defined as a clinical learning opportunity for students that is located on a single unit or patient care area, on a single day/shift and for a single academic term or date range. Facilities post their available placement opportunities online for schools to search and request online.

  • The system accommodates a variety of placement types such as group, precepted, observation, and leadership.
  • When a request is received, facility staff can review requests and notify schools of their decision with a few mouse clicks. Automated emails are used to alert facility and school contacts of placement requests and decisions.
  • The data may be searched by a variety of parameters including placement ID, term, day of the week, facility, unit type, placement type, etc.
  • Placements may be standing or for a single academic term based upon the policies of the facility.
  • Potential placement conflicts are flagged to alert facilities when requests would result in more than 1 group of students on a given unit during the 24 hour period. This allows facilities to monitor for staff student fatigue.
  • Exports of all placement data is easily accomplished using Excel.
  • Reporting capabilities offer the opportunity to determine placement capacity and identify underutilized areas.
  • The system can flex to meet the needs of a variety of healthcare programs.
  • Facilities retain control of all placements and can close placements as needed when there is a staffing issue or other reasons that compromises the learning opportunity for students.

Student Tool

Through the PlacementPro system, facilities have the ability to see what students are assigned to their organization during an academic term and the validation by the school that their health requirements have been met.  Schools or facilities can approve criminal background checks and drug screens as appropriate.  In addition to compliance requirements, required OrientPro orientation completions, and any specfic form or document can be uploaded by the school into the system.

Schools enter this data once for the student and then update as needed for subsequent academic terms.  The student data is then archived once the student graduates.  The Student feature DOES NOT store the actual health data, only the validation date that the school has reviewed the student’s health information and it meets the necessary standards.

Business Model:  Fee structure is an annual flat rate licensing fee plus a one-time setup fee to create the portal/database and provide training to the regional/state coordinator; or TCPS can provide coordination services if a local individual is not available with the cost being scalable based upon the number of partners with the region/state.

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