Rhea Medical Center Rapid Onboarding

Welcome to

We are pleased that you will be joining our team.  Based on your new role at Rhea Medical Center, please select your role category to proceed with the online orientation process.  You should have received the Content Password and your Attestation Username & Password from Human Resources to access this orientation.  IF you have questions about your role “category” please reach out to Human Resources for clarification!

      • You will need the Content Password to access the orientation program.
      • You will use your Quiz Username/Password to document that you have completed the orientation.


To get started, click on the graphic below that reflects your new role at Rhea Medical Center!

Nurses, Physician Assistants & MDs

Healthcare Professionals

Those professionals that do direct patient care and/or handle medications.

Non-Clinical Professionals

Those professionals who do not do hands-on
patient care.