TCPS Solutions: Clinical Placement Tools that Work for Students, Faculty & Critical Employees!

Students: Achieving a solid student orientation program requires work and can consume countless hours in preparation and monitoring of the onboarding process unless some best practices are achieved. Based upon regulatory requirements, students must receive orientation that is appropriate for their role, similar to employees AND consistently provided to all students/faculty.

TCPS provides the ability to use technology to enhance your onboarding process through a variety of online clinical placement tools.  These tools are scalable and can be used as a package or individually. TCPS Partners can collaborate with TCPS to seek best practices and maximize benefits, further streamlining their orientation process. These practices and tools can be implemented at the organization, community, regional, and state levels.   Any healthcare venue (hospital, clinic, physician’s office, health department, etc.) can benefit from using these tools to streamline student onboarding.

Critical Employees:  It never fails!  You hire a critically needed employee or agency healthcare professional and your routine orientation is 2-3 weeks away.  Patient safety and satisfaction is on the line and you need to get this individual oriented and to their department ASAP!

TCPS EmployeePro can stand in this gap and deliver an online orientation on a 24-7 basis that meets regulatory guidelines and provides the critical information related to your facility that the individual needs.

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