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TCPS EvalPro - measure your clinical placement outcomes

360° Evaluation Process for Clinical Placements with Input from Students, Faculty, Preceptors, & Facility Staff

EvalPro provides schools and facilities with an opportunity to create a 360° evaluation process that collects information related to students’, faculty, and facility staffs’ perspectives related to clinical placement outcomes.  This service is especially useful for clinical facilities seeking Magnet recognition and for schools in their accreditation cycle.

The EvalPro process begins with a scope conversation where data for collection is determined and what schools or facilities will be targeted. A standardized set of data questions is used, but additional questions may be added to address any specific initiatives that the school or facility want to measure.  Data collection is done electronically in the Fall or Spring based upon the needs of the facility and/or school.  A comprehensive analysis of the data is performed by the TCPS Staff and reported to the school(s) and facility(ies) involved. The structure of the report allows for easy distribution to specific faculty, preceptors, and facility leadership.

Business Model:  Fee structure is based upon the number of patient care areas within a facility that will participate, the number of preceptors that will be evaluated, and the number of schools with specific student numbers.

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