Striving for Best Practices

“Best Practice” for Student Onboarding has many complexities. Student Onboarding is similar to Employee Onboarding in that organizations want the student to feel welcome and prepared to be productive in the healthcare environment as a student healthcare professional.

Too often, students are seen as a necessary evil that must be endured rather than the opportunity to evaluate potential future employees for their skill, teamwork, and fit with the organizational culture – not to mention the contribution to tomorrow’s healthcare professional’s education.

TCPS continually works toward identifying Best Practices in the Student Onboarding process from initial placement to evaluation of the learning experience. A monthly newsletter to all partners often includes tips and practices for improving the OnBoarding process. Here are some selected Resources related to Best Practices:

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Achieving Best Practices in Student OnBoarding
(from March 2012 TCPS Newsletter)

Metrics for Monitoring Student OnBoarding
(from April 2012 TCPS Newsletter)

Successful Student Onboarding
(from November 2012 TCPS Newsletter)